Little did I realize, when I first created this section, how difficult it would be to answer a simple question:

Who am I?

Where do I begin? In the beginning, the earth was round. Dinosaurs roamed freely through the land, minding their own business, eating what they needed to, and otherwise, just co-existing somewhat peacefully with their neighbors. Then sadly, we decided to come along. The world hasn't been the same ... er...

Sorry, that was too far back.

Do I mention that, since I was in kindergarten, I've loved to draw and design, and in later years program and analyze and do so much more? And that my dreams of being an artist or designer were crushed by folks who meant well, but should not have been expressing opinions on things that they had little knowledge about, but felt like they were experts on, because they knew someone many years ago who had failed miserably in that situation because he or she was being an ass?

Perhaps I should talk about the fact that after many years of watching my dreams fade away, He (someone's talking about God! Run!) gave me a chance to get back into doing what I really wanted to, thanks to a wonderful former coworker of mine, Mathew Flynn, who handed over the responsibility of being webmaster for a small company. And over the next few years, thanks partly to my inability to say no (Thank God! I never thought I'd say that), I ended up doing everything from web development, to web design, Flash, video, print, 3D graphics, and so much more than I could ever have dreamed of.

And now I find myself at a cross-roads, once again forced to ask the question I've asked so many times before: Where do I go from here?

To be continued...