August 25th 2004:

Episode 2: Kirk Holder Strikes Back
The story so far: As the Evil Corporation spreads it's tendrils throughout the design world, throttling the creativity of one designer after another by forcing them to develop templates, one man decides to make a stand.

Captain Kirk, may the schwartz be with you.

July 6th 2004:

Episode 1: A New Beginning
A long time ago... All hope was lost in the design world, when a massive implosion of greed and apathy called the Dot Com almost completely destroyed an ancient yet fragile ecosystem, The Internet. Those who survived were forced to join the Evil Corporation, an entity hell-bent on destroying creativity and replacing it with conformity and mindless process. Now, after many years of despair, rebel designers from hidden locations have gathered together to fight against the relentless on-slaught of Lord Consistency.

The war has begun.

Special thanks to Less Than Empty.