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3.12.2007 | So I've found out that when I run out of steam, I end up drawing several different versions of the same idea, over and over again, over a period of weeks. Case in point: these sketches for the moonbase for the story I mentioned in my earlier post (the story finally has a tentative title: Emerald Moon).

Sketching out a story ...

1.27.2007 | Sketches for a story idea I'm working on (click for larger version). Struggling to keep the perspective and dimensions somewhat correct.

Armored personnel carrier

Fighter bomber


Getting there ...

8.31.06 | A lot of times, ideas start out as brief flashes of imagery in my mind's eye. The hard part is, transferring the image to paper. First attempt below (click image for larger version):

Got a couple of other sketches that I doodled during a break from work. Pen, marker, scan, repeat. Should be up in the next few days.

Getting out of a creative rut (Part 2: Using References)

8.29.06 | I usually draw from memory, but for this exercise, I started looking at references. The sketch below was the result of looking at several different kinds of WW2 fighters, including the Mosquito (one of my favorite aircraft designs of all time), the P51 Mustang and a couple of others.

The end result is still a little conventional, but looks more interesting than my earlier attempt. Or not. ;-) Still need to work on my perspective (click image for larger version).

Until now, my sketches have been small, about 6-8 inches in length. I'm going to try a larger size for my next sketch, see if it helps improve anything. And my markers are drying out, so it's time to get some new ones :-).

Getting out of a creative rut (Part 1: Just Draw)

8.27.06 | Several years ago, I decided to do some concept art just for fun, and to illustrate a story that I've been working on for almost a decade and a half. I was inspired by the works of artists like Doug Chiang and Ryan Church and their incredible work on Star Wars, among other projects. Unfortunately, try as I might, my concepts were anything but inspired. In fact, they looked downright pedestrian.

I've started drawing (and painting) again, after a very long time away from it, and I was disappointed (but not surprised) that my first attempt was rather plain (click image for larger version).

I've decided that the only way out of this rut is to force myself to think outside the box, and the only way to do that is draw more often. With that in mind, I hope to add at least 1-2 concepts on this website every week, with the goal of developing more and more bizarre and interesting designs with each passing week. Wish me luck.

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