Concept Art

Conceptual design is the process of trying out different ideas before settling on the final design. Most of the sketches below were done with Prisma markers and Pigma pens, along with some pencil sketches.

Millenium Wars

Research shipResearch ship.

Elegant alien shipThis is a marker rendering of the Emerald ship below.

Scout ship -humanA human designed scout-ship.

The concept sketches below were created for the Millenium Wars story line.

ALIEN fighterEarly concept for ALIEN fighter. ALIEN I wanted an ancient look for the ship.

Emerald shipEmerald ship. A cross between an upside down hull of a ship and an emerald jewell.

Ant shipAnt fighter from unnamed planet

One of the hardest things about creating the Millenium Wars Universe was: what do the alien ships look like? This is one of the latest ideas for an alien ship.

Alliance fighterAlliance fighter

Another fish-like ship. Designed to carry cargo.

Old star shipSpaceship for ragged bad of interstellar smugglers, during the Millenium Wars.Supposed to represent an early design by humans, that were taken from Earth, during the Millenium Wars.

A concept for an interstellar tanker, early in the Millenium Wars.

Tank killerAlliance tank killer. Human designed.

VTOL spaceship.

First marker renderingsMy first marker renderings. Top one is an early concept for an ALIEN probe. Bottom one is a merchant ship.

For the Delopolis forums:

Commuter carConcept car for Delopolis and TeamGT conceptual forums. The original image looks much better than this one.

Early concept for a hovercycle with maglev anti-gravity unit and jet engine for thrust. Hey, I can dream can't I?

Another maglev, jet engine vehicle, this time for a gang-land concept

Final concept for gang-land hover cycle.


Hover tankHovertank. Practice marker rendering.

Concept for a really mean looking gunship. I think I succeeded. Almost ;-)


Everyone starts somewhere. Some really old (read: crappy) paintings.

Looking GlassLooking Glass. A space station floating over a world that is 99% water. Part of the Millenium Wars Universe.

A different view of the world Scorpius, a planet orbiting a black hole. The psychadelic colors were unintentional.

Mech Killer. Drawn for the Sijun forums.

Haunted treesAn attempt to draw a spooky forest scene.